Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Look Into The Ukrainian Crisis

Obama and Putin

While rumors spread about a new Cold War, two of the most powerful world leaders are taking on different strategies to secure national interests. While cooperation is being sought (at least partially) by both sides, the major flaws that both leaders have pose serious problems in upholding world order.

Should Obama Be More Forceful?

Obama is portrayed as a stressed politician who would rather give Putin Crimea than argue with him. Obama has been seen as a leader who lacks action on the Ukrainian crisis. The news agencies have shown his lack of strong leadership again and again in the news with headlines like, "Obama calls Putin and makes no progress."

Obama has imposed the strictest sanction on Russia since the Cold War. Like any Western leader, he is trying hard to avoid direct conflict with the powerful nation of Russia. Those who believe Obama to be a leader whose authority lacks action should look to the events of the past few years. The U.S. military have been involved in Libya and even somewhat in Syria. Obama has approved of these operations, but these nations pose themselves as minimal dangers when compared to a war with Russia.

Obama may be seen as the leader who politely asks for Putin to leave Crimea, but he does have the wisdom to see how devastating a war with a nuclear nation would be. He has proved that he will send forces when needed, but the question still stands, “When should we help a nation like Ukraine?”

Putin The Strategist

Putin is shown as a dictator who looks like a war hardened leader who simply wants to conquer. His lack of perfect English makes us see him as less intelligent and one who would rush into battle yelling “Freedom” (or maybe in the case of Crimea), “Freedom will be crushed!”

Putin is not the kind of man to just drink Vodka when he is stressed. When things are tough, he wrestles a bear and then drinks vodka while he rides it. However, he would probably win every game of Risk he plays. From his perfect timing when invading Crimea to perfectly placing his allies in power in Ukraine, he has proven his cunning and daring strategy. He knows his moves so well and it appears that he can predict what the West will do. His daring leadership threatens the rest of Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

The final question is, “Can Obama cautiously deal with a man who conquers land with the mind of a strategist and who has a courage that scares the West?” Do you think Obama is capable of doing this? Comment below!

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