Friday, March 28, 2014

Voices From The Inside

As we watch current events around the world, Ukraine has been in the breaking news for nearly four months now. As Americans, we have access to Western news agencies and we can even look at Russia Today, but it is hard to find news directly from Ukraine. Of course, all news agencies have a bias and we must not doubt that Ukraine’s bias against Russia is heavy at this time. So take each fact with a grain of salt.

Here are some facts that the Ukrainian news has been telling its citizens:

·      Approximately 38% of Crimea voted in the referendum
This number sharply contrasts Putin’s estimate of approximately 87% voting participation. Of the votes that were cast, around 90-97% of them were in favor of joining Russia. If Putin is correct, it is easy to see that the majority wants to join Russia. However, most of the people who were opposed to Russian assimilation chose not to vote. If 62% of the population didn’t vote, Crimea should be free from Russia’s grip.

·      Russian spies have been sabotaging Ukraine’s military
News agencies like the BBC have composed lists comparing Ukraine’s military to Russia’s. Russia’s military is superior to Ukraine’s, but Ukraine does have a sizable amount of tanks and infantry if needed. Ukrainian news sources claim that Russian spies have long been sabotaging Ukraine’s military by disabling vehicles. Ukraine’s previous leader of intelligence was from Russia. Even Ukraine’s previous Prime Minister had difficulty speaking in Ukrainian. Ukraine left itself completely vulnerable to Russia and now it may not have the choice to fight back even if desired.

·      There are few Russian citizens in Crimea
Many sources have claimed that numerous amounts of Russian citizens crossed over into Crimea near the time of the Russian invasion. The many protests held were held by Russian citizens who weren’t residents of Crimea.

·       Russian special forces have advanced beyond the Crimean border
There have been a few reports of Russian Special Forces being deployed by helicopter in Ukraine’s Kherson province, which is just North-West of Crimea. These forces have been said to have captured unprotected energy facilities and are preparing the way for other Russian troops to soon follow.

·      Crimea’s newly elected leader was a crime boss
Crimea’s recently elected leader is known to have been a major crime boss. His nickname is “The Goblin” and his tactics were brutal. News sources have said that Ukraine’s ruling government was held at gunpoint by Russian troops when they voted him in as their leader. Sources claim that he is being paid by Russia, and so far, is willing to sell his country for that money.

Not all of these claims may be completely accurate, but it is useful to see all perspectives when examining an issue. Be sure to see each side's perspective before deciding on who to agree with.

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