Saturday, April 5, 2014

Religion vs Agnosticism/Atheism

Islam is a religion that has grasped nearly all of the Middle East. Now, this strongly held religion is being tested. Agnosticism has not pursued the pious older generations of the Middle East as much as it has affected the most vulnerable demographic, the youth of the Middle East.

As the youth becomes more engaged with other cultures, their perception of religion is tested. Of course, whose belief in a God wouldn’t be tested upon hearing the voice of Justin Bieber. 

Many Middle Eastern students come to the U.S. and Canada to attend a university. The very fact that their new community isn’t completely Muslim makes them analyze their faith. Many beliefs and religions that they have been kept from are then shown to them.

This does not mean that most give up their faith, but it has been a rare occurrence for a Muslim to give up his faith. Now, these college students are questioning themselves more than ever before.

College tests the faith of anyone from any religious background. Although we know that many college students lose their faith, we have yet to see the effect these students will have on their home countries when they return.

This is a pivotal time for the future of the Middle East.

Do you believe that the evolution of religion is inevitable in a time like this? Comment below!

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