Saturday, April 5, 2014

Catching Up With Time, Western History Repeating Itself In The East

As the economy becomes globalized and the East has increased strength in world trade and production, modern ways are flooding Eastern customs.

As the East evolves, historical events from the West are repeating themselves in the Middle East.

Muslims vs Muslims

Just as Catholics and Protestants were waging wars in Europe, Islam has its two sects divided. Though most Muslims frown upon violence, some do believe that fighting is a righteous plan. The two sects are the Sunni and Shia.

Modernization vs Tradition

As modernization comes in, the doors of tradition begin to close. The countries most affected currently are in the Middle East. The wealth of oil has catalyzed growth in these countries bringing them not only cars, but also has allowed for some countries have gone above and beyond to flaunt their modern ways by doing things like constructing the world’s tallest tower, The Burj Khalifah. Tradition is attempting to hold on while Western ways continue to take hold over region.

Religion vs Agnosticism/Atheism

Islam is a religion that has grasped nearly all of the Middle East. Now, this strongly held religion is being tested. Agnosticism has not pursued the pious older generations of the Middle East as much as it has affected the most vulnerable demographic, the youth of the Middle East.

The changing Middle East presents itself as an excellent environment for a new generation with a vision for the future. However, modernization is threatening the one thing that gives a country identity, its culture.

Countries around the Middle East have been left unchanged for centuries until the mid-19th century, and now the very thing leading it to a prosperous future threatens this land of romance and mystery.

How do you see countries like those in the Middle East change? Do you believe that modernization is more or less beneficial to a culture rich country? Leave your comments below!

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