Saturday, April 5, 2014

Muslims vs Muslims

Just as Catholics and Protestants were waging wars in Europe, Islam has its two sects divided. Though most Muslims frown upon violence, some do believe that fighting is a righteous plan. The two sects are the Sunni and Shia.

Each Middle Eastern country has a majority of either Sunni or Shia. The minority is sometimes oppressed and there are numerous reports of violence between the two Muslim sects. Some Middle Eastern countries base their foreign policy in their majority sect and ally themselves with other countries that have the same majority.

One country that has a majority of one sect has a royal family who is made of the minority. Bahrain is mostly Shia, but the ruling family is Sunni. The revolution in Bahrain has mostly been forgotten now, but protests have been occurring for a few years.

The protests in Bahrain began because the majority of the population couldn’t reach high-level job positions because the majority is Shia. Protests arose and security was heightened. Along the road, pictures of the King were replaced with a mass of protestors with the king photoshopped into the picture holding a Bahrain flag while appearing to lead the protestors, who (in reality) are actually protesting against the king himself.

The government hired foreign policemen in order to not use the many Shia policemen. This would keep the police from being emotionally connected to protestors.

The protests have been unsuccessful in gaining ground in Bahrain so far, but it proves how much tension exists within some Islamic nations.

Do you believe that such religious tension is inevitable in every religion or is it unique only to a few religions? Comment below!

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