Saturday, April 5, 2014

Modernization vs Tradition

As modernization comes in, the doors of tradition begin to close. The countries most affected currently are in the Middle East. The wealth of oil has catalyzed growth in these countries bringing them not only cars, but also has allowed for some countries have gone above and beyond to flaunt their modern ways by doing things like constructing the world’s tallest tower, The Burj Khalifah. Tradition is attempting to hold on while Western ways continue to take hold over region.

The Middle East is full of countries where people wear traditional clothing. The traditional dress is usually some type of robe. Younger generations are now choosing to wear Western clothes. A few countries in the Middle East still require their women to wear full robes and for their men to wear pants along with a short-sleeved shirt. But now the unthinkable has happened! Some men are wearing shorts, scandalous!

Unique customs such as eating with the hand are slowing fading away. Complete ways of life are hanging due to the new found wealth oil has given the Middle East.

Do you believe that a country should forgo its customs and traditional way of life in favor of modernization? Comment below!

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